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A few weeks ago, the editor of Arpia Publishing, Heinz Berger, kindly sent me a copy of the excellent book “Latin American Fighters: A History of Fighter Jets in Service with Latin American Air Arms” by my good friend and fellow aero-historian Iñigo Guevara.
The book provides an overview of the use of jet-powered aircraft in the air forces of the 17 countries in the continent, from Mexico to Argentina. It also includes the jets that have been used in the Central American air arms.
Each country has its own section, and the text is accompanied by images, some of which are unpublished. Detailed lists are also included, providing the number of aircraft, serial numbers, delivery dates, and final destination of each aircraft.
In a separate section, the available model kits for each aircraft type mentioned in the book are listed, including 1/72, 1/48, and 1/32 scales, as well as existing decal sets.
It is worth noting that during the research conducted for the production of the book, several members of the Latin American Aviation Historical Society (LAAHS) collaborated with Iñigo, myself included. I provided the author with a significant portion of the section dedicated to the Guatemalan Air Force’s A-37Bs and T-33s, including some photos.
To purchase the book, simply contact any of the bookstores listed on the Arpia Publishing website or get it from Amazon.
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