Tracing the TNCA’s Enigmatic Round Building

The mysterious round building
The mysterious circular building of the TNCA, inside de red circle. What it was? (Photo: Via the author.)

As I delved deeper into the annals of the Talleres Nacionales de Construcciones Aeronáuticas -TNCA- a peculiar sight kept catching my eye: A round, enigmatic structure gracing the grounds of the old Balbuena Airfield factory near Mexico City. Its presence was fleeting, appearing in photographs like a mysterious time traveler, only to vanquish from sight in the next frame.

Aerial view
Nice aerial view of the TNCA workshops and the mysterious round building. (Photo: Via the author.)

This curious round facility stood sentinel before the TNCA’s administration building, a silent witness to the comings and goings of the airplane factory’s daily operations. Yet, its purpose, at least to an uninitiated like me, has remained a mystery.

At times, the space occupied by this rotund edifice played host to a solemn monument, adding another layer of intrigue to the ever-shifting landscape. Was the round building a temporary structure, its function tied to the rhythms of the factory’s needs? Or did it serve a more profound, esoteric purpose, known only to those who worked at the TNCA?

Serie A
The mysterious round facility lurking behind a Serie A biplane. (Photo: Via the author.)

This enigma has captured my imagination and, if you, dear reader, possess any insights or clues that might aid in solving this captivating puzzle, I implore you to share them. Leave your comments below!

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