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Guatemalan Air Force Photo Archive
Guatemalan Air Force Photo Archive Restoration and Preservation Project, 2007 – 2009.

Since 1997, our organization has been on a frantic race against time, attempting to spare the Latin American flying legacy from getting lost forever. Across the continent, those who had witnessed history first hand are dying, historical aircraft, documents and photographic material are being stolen or simply destroyed and, to make things even worse, museums are closing. Consequently, we are committed to maintain, curate and make public a reliable Latin American aviation history repository, one that could be available for future generations for years to come.

Our primary goal, besides keeping this website running, is to keep our ongoing research, preservation and dissemination projects alive. We also need to continue supporting financially our researchers and authors in order to help them accomplish their own projects. Last, but not least, LAAHS needs to keep providing  consulting, mentoring and support to some of the museums and preservation entities that we assist in the continent.

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