LAAHS Core Group
LAAHS Core Group

The Latin American Aviation Historical Society -or LAAHS for short- was founded in 1997 as a non-profit organization aimed to research, preserve and spread the history of the civilian and military aviation in the Latin American continent and the Caribbean.

The main vehicle for the Society’s research, preservation and dissemination efforts is this website, where our members publish the results of their research work in the form of historical articles. Our pool of experts also keep opinion columns where they share interesting pieces about specific historical subjects, survey the particular situation of the many preservation efforts throughout the continent or simply talk about current events and developments within the Latin American Aviation Community.

The Society also maintains a very active Discussion Forum that serves as a hub for connecting and reconnecting aviation nuts, historians, authors and scale modelers from around the world, who share the same passion and interest: Latin American aviation history. There, visitors and members are able to post questions, share bits of information with the community, or request help for a specific research effort. The main focus there is to keep the communication flowing. Additionally, LAAHS has a strong presence in the most prominent social media networks, namely Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as alternate means of communication for our community.

Besides this website, the forum and the social media presence, other preservation and historical dissemination activities through diverse communication channels are being constantly planned and developed by our members. As a matter of fact, the Society itself serves as a specialist group to other institutions and individuals (mainly aviation researchers and writers) who, from time to time, present us with assistance requests that trigger huge research efforts from our part.

Last, but not least, we have realized that there is a real lack of proper curation of aviation history in the continent, risking that it may get lost forever. The amount of historical errors, misinterpretations and simply wrong information, is growing exponentially as they are being repeated time and again in websites and printed publications that deal with this subject. In other cases, the lack of interest has condemned some aspects of such history to oblivion. Hence, we are committed to maintain, curate and make public a reliable Latin American aviation history repository that could be available for future generations.

If you want to know more about the overall project, want to join as member or wish to collaborate, please contact us and we’ll be glad to provide you with further information. We all participate voluntarily in this historic preservation effort, and no matter how little or how large your contribution may be, you will always be welcome to participate in our activities.

Mario E. Overall
LAAHS Project Manager