Write for us!

The Latin American Aviation Historical Society welcomes the voluntary submissions of its members and contributors, in the form of historical-related articles, columns and news notes. As a matter of fact, publishing such content and making it available for the general public is our main goal and it complies with our research, preservation and dissemination efforts.

The aspiring contributors should keep the following guidelines in mind before submitting their material:

    • For historical articles submissions, the topics we’re interested in publishing are focussed on the history of civilian and military flight in Latin America and the Caribbean only. Topics from other regions of the world will not be considered.
    • For opinion columns, the topics could be about the history of civilian and military flight in Latin America and the Caribbean, preservation efforts carried out in the region or current or past events within the Latin American aviation community. The text should not exceed 2000 words.
    • For media reviews, we require a description and critique of the recent or soon-to-be-released book, video, movie, recreational product or software. Reviewers should have specific experience or knowledge that enables them to give informed evaluations. The text should not exceed 1000 words.
    • For news notes, the material must be related to Latin American aviation, its community or historical preservation efforts in the region. Reliable sources must be provided, as well as related links. The text should not exceed 1000 words.
    • Writing should be clear, accurate, and engaging. It should be free of technical and insider jargon, and generous with explanation and background.
    • While we make a strong emphasis on the human facets of Latin American aviation history, we are also interested in the technological aspects. Aircraft production details, constructor and serial numbers are a must as well as civil registrations.
    • Accurate dates of events, names and places are very important.
    • We only accept digital submissions via email. Text files should be submitted in MS Word format and image files in JPEG or PNG format, with their captions and credits included at the end of the MS Word document.
    • The text should be appropriately footnoted (even though we rarely publish footnotes) or be accompanied by a complete bibliography or list of cited sources. We encourage authors to include a list of at least three “suggested reading” items, preferably books or articles.
    • The review process may take up to four weeks. Once the process is complete, an editor will contact the author to report the outcome.
    • Be aware that we reserve the right to edit, correct or make additions to the submitted content, whether it is in its text or by including additional images, in order to make it more appropriate for publishing.

Be aware that an expression of interest by The Latin American Aviation Historical Society in a potential article or column is not a commitment to publish. From time to time we may commission an article and will pay a negotiated fee. Otherwise, the website, operating on very limited funds, relies solely on the voluntary content submissions of its members and contributors.